SL Motorsport- showing off at the NEC

Autosport International- Oval Exhibition- Rookie Rods

Being able to feature in the Spedeworth showcase who are the major promoter of British (UK) Stock Car racing events in the UK, at the NEC Motorshow, was a massive opportunity we couldn't pass up, when Spedeworth came knocking. It was a massive challenge as we had very tight deadlines to build our car from scratch, to showcase what we can do and also to have the car practically race ready for the next race in the Oval racing rookie class calendar.

Regional Tyre and Exhausts, as part of the SL Motorsports team, had some very late nights and long weekends, often all working together into the small hours to have the car show condition ready. We were finally ready on the 13th January, the day we transported the car to the NEC stand, ready for the show's start at the weekend, after approximately 90 hours of build time, blood, sweat and oil, we had completely rebuilt the car, our 2003 (C) 1.2 Vauxhall Corsa, to Rookie Rod and show standard, and as you can see from the photographs, the end result is poetry in motion!

It was brilliant to see our show car finally at the show, on display to the general public and we had some fantastic compliments and great general interest, from stock car fans and inquisitive petrolheads alike.

The whole team at SL Motorsport worked tirelessly and dilligently, donating their spare time and effort for free to make sure the car we produced was literally world class, to reflect our passion for excellence in motorsport and our desire to be recognised in the sport, as being the best we can, at what we do.

Being an participating team, is made possible by a mix of team effort and sponsorship. We would like to give a special mention and a big thank you to our sponsors and contributors who help make this all possible with their support and generosity; TPH Fabrications, Whip St Motors & Nimbus Motorsports all of whom enable us to keep racing.

Next time you are coming to Foxhall Stadium which is our home venue, be sure to look out for SL Motorsports in the pits and on the track, we always value everyones' support and encouragement, and we hope to see you at the next event.


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