A Passion for Motorsport

You will find me in the pits for SLM Racing Team

My passion has always been anything with Four wheels and an engine that goes very fast! Have you have ever wondered what a mechanic gets up to in his spare time?

Well, the skills and knowledge I have attained at work serve me and the team well at the track. I am part of the Stefan Lloyd Motorsport team and have been one of the pit mechanics, for many seasons now.

My responsibilities involve getting the car race ready prior to each race. This means getting the set up exaclty right for each circuit and the variations are incredibly different from track to track, to get the set up of the car, to it's optimum performance for each race meeting. Then we have to contend with the differences between different formulas of racing and the drving styles of our individual drivers. So, all of my years of experience and knowledge gained at Regional Tyre and Exhaust come in very handy pre -race and on the day, to help the team the best I can.


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