Fleet Checking

What is Fleet Tyre Checking, How Can It Help?

'Fleet Tyre Check' is the managed proactive maintenance service provided by Regional Tyre and Exhaust, of multiple vehicles Tyres operated by a business, to make sure they are safe and legal.

How does it work?
High mileage commercial vehicles, will suffer tyre degredation much more quickly, than say an private use car, would experience. Don't forget, a worn tyre can reduce fuel efficiency and for a business relying on it's vehicles to deliver for them, this hidden cost, can add up over a trading year.

So, once we agree with the owner operator an schedule of tyre checks, based upon the type, age, average weekly mileage and current tyre condition of the owners vehicles, we programme the frequency of tyre checks into our system, to ensure tyres are kept legal and safe to use. The initial replacements carried out, will of course be any tyres deemed illegal or borderline.

Having physically checked each vehicle at the agreed frequency, usually during the businesses own downtime and with plenty of notice to the operator, we flag which vehicles need to come into us, for replacement tyres. The operator is kept fully up to speed with our check reporting and recommendations. We can collect and deliver back, usually during the vehicles natural downtime i.e. a Saturday.

What are the benefits of Fleet Tyre Check to the Business?
The result of this organisation and structured approach to fleet Tyre Maintenance, is the operator doesn't have to spend valuable time themselves managing their Tyres, they can concentrate on running their business and they will always know their fleet Tyres are kept legal, roadworthy, well maintained and available to them in the optimum ideal way, with time and money saved by being proactive. The business also has the peace of mind that their vehicles will never attract penalty or prosecution according to the law, on tyre tread depths and tyre condition.

Is it one size fits all?
No, each business and their fleet is pretty much unique, they come in all shapes and sizes and useage levels! We can offer a tailored fleet tyre check service to suit any business fleet size and needs, along with business to business accounts and terms. We can hold particular tyre types in stock required for your fleet, to eliminate any delay in turn-around times. We only carry out work to the vehicles in question, within the pre-agreed parameters of the Fleet Tyre Check Agreement, so the operator remains firmly in the driving seat, where cost control is concerned.

How do I find out more and how can my fleet benefit?
Why not call us? on 01473 740750 and ask for Dean, telling the operator you would like to discuss our Fleet Tyre Check Service. We will be happy to have an informal chat with no pushy sales talk, just good, honest advice to help you make an informed decision.


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