It's a Mans World?

Going the extra mile to be a Female friendly garage

As part of our aim to be the local, friendly, garage of choice, for Ipswich motorists, we know it can sometimes be daunting, for a female customer to visit our garage. We know this in part may be down to the shopfloor being all Male.

Also, we are very aware, that Female customers are often treated poorly in the industry, as if they can be taken advantage of, because the garage in question may hold chauvanistic views and believe female customers, don't know anything about cars. Having been treated this way before, anyone would feel distrustful, when needing to bring the car in for repair or servicing.

We would like to work towards changing this perception of automotive repair centres. Firstly, it is worth stating that one of our own rules of trading and conduct, at Regional Tyres and Exhaust Car Care Centre, is that ''All customers, regardless of gender, be treated equally and with the upmost respect and courtesy''

Secondly, when thinking about what we can actually do in a positive way and by talking to our customers to get their opinion and suggestions, we have decided to host an free and informal 'how to' workshop which will be billed as ''An introduction to basic car maintenance''. We will cover everything that customers can check for themsleves at home, to what safety equipment should be carried on board and even what to do in an emergency! We are looking to welcome as many female customers as possible, but of course, we will welcome any Males who wish to learn too.

We are currently speaking with our contacts, to make sure we have enough interest to host this workshop and will shortly be announcing the first date to be held. So, watch this space and our social media, where we will be confirming time and dates. We hope we can launch the first workshop and that it will be the first, of many to come.

If you are interested in coming along and joining in, please do let us know by getting in touch. We would love to hear from you!


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