Cold Weather - There may be trouble ahead!

Get ready winter weather will soon arrive

We've all had a car that won't start when it's cold. It's frustrating and always happens when you are in a hurry, trying to make that important meeting, drop the kids off at school, or beat the rush hour!

There are many engine components that can be affected by cold and damp, causing you trouble. Sure, you may have a home start type, breakdown service membership, but in the cold weather, breakdown service providers all get busy in a hurry! You can wait 45 minutes to a couple of hours, for the service to arrive at your home.

We can check your vehicle and advise you if anything is worn, or near the end of it's life, that will likely fail when put under extreme stress, during cold weather periods. We think it is far better to take care of these issues, before they cause you real inconvenience.

We are offering a completely free of charge winter check. You will be advised by our friendly team on what we check and if we find anything needing attention, along with an instant quote for your approval. As an thank you to customers, for choosing us to carry out their free winter check, we will also apply 10% discount off your next scheduled service, if you book on the day of your winter check.

We aim to keep all of our customers on the road and think we can help do this, by encouraging customers old and new, to book in for a free winter check. We hope to hear from you soon.


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