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Honesty & Integrity are a key part of our business

It is an unfortunate fact that there are unscrupulous traders in every industry and automotive repair is no different. Sadly there are individuals out there who will do anything they can to take your hard earnt cash off you and do nothing in return to deserve your trust or even make matters worse by not knowing what they are doing causing hundreds of pounds of uneccessary damage they will blame on you. We have all heard the terms ''Cowboy'' ''Daylight Robbery'' or ''Rip-Off'' and sadly these rogue traders are out there trying to catch you out. Fortunately, there are recognised industry independent bodies who's job it is to regulate our industry and constantly check on traders to make sure they can be approved to operate and meet the correct standards and also offer help and advice to the customer. We are proud to be an apporved member of the Trust My Garage Scheme: https://www.trustmygarage.co.uk/garage/nacton-ltd-... and we are rated by The AA Independent Garage Guide as ''Trustworthy'' : https://garageguide.theaa.com/garage/profile/16281...

We are also an member of the main industry body for automotive repair; RMI (Retail Motor Industry Federation): http://www.rmif.co.uk/consumers/why-use-an-rmi-mem...
which means we subscribe to and operate under strict trading guidelines to protect the buyer and the seller of goods and services in the retail motor trade, which is the sector we operate our business in. It also means we are checked and evaluated on an regular basis as part of the ongoing development of the industry and keeps our methods and operations up to date and in keeping with market expectations.

This is why (Hand on Heart) you can genuinely trust us to look after you and your motoring needs. When you add in the fact that we have been operating for decades in Ipswich and so have a positive reputation built up over this time, you know if you are one of our valued customers, you are in safe hands.


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