So, why choose Davanti Tyres?

It's all in the make up of the tyre

Davanti have made great leaps in tyre technology in recent years. The difference between a Davanti tyre and other tyres available in the industry for a similar price can be actually experienced by the driver. So what is it that makes them such good value for money? Well, firstly its the road noise, or to be more precise the distinct lack of it. The tyre structure is built using innovative compound combinations resulting in an extremely quiet ride usually found only on much more expensive tyres on the market. Also the wear or degredation is much better pound for pound with other makes available which gives the driver many more miles use before replacement is required, this saves money as the tyre life is extended. Finally the manufacturer plays their part in supporting the fitters on the shopfloor by continued investment in developing new and innovative ways of offering excellent products at true value for money prices and always supplying orders quickly and accurately to make sure the work can be completed by the fitters for the customer.

The proof is in the pudding and our customer feedback is very positive when they try Davanti


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